Garfield Solutions services, reciprocating, rotary vane and screw compressors, all makes of air dryers and associated compressed air equipment.

Most repairs and breakdowns are carreid out on customers premises, where appropriate machines will be returned to our workshop for repairs as necessary with the customer's agreement. All parts replaced will be kept for inspection if required.

Whatever your requirements, whether you need a new system of just wish to upgrade your existing equipment, we can design and provide you with a modern plant that is tailored to your application.

We offer:

  • Our specialist design service
  • Installation by experienced mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Pipe-work runs to your specified points of use
  • Commissioning and plant optimisation
  • Handed over to you in fully operational condition

We also provide a maintenance service for many types of compressed air systems, and offer:

  • Service contracts
  • Routine planned overhauls
  • Breakdown and emergency repairs

All service work will be booked and agreed in advance with the customer. Service contract customers will be given priority on breakdowns.

For further information, kindly leave your email address and we will contract you. Alternatively, you can reach us on any of the contacts details shown below.

A 24-hour emergency service is available and one of our engineers can be reached by mobile.

Garfield Solutions is customer focused and committed to providing the customer with the best service and advice possible.

Garfield Solutions is an environmentally aware company and has an Environment Policy which is available for inspection. All work is carried out within our Health and Safety Policy. This is also available for inspection.

Garfield Solutions is a member of the FSB.