What is PowerBoss?

An energy saving device: The corporate controller for fixed speed motor applications. This would not work in competition with Variable Speed Drives(inverters).

A soft-start, soft -stop unit for A/C induction motors: As a replacement for the damaging Direct On Line, Star Delta and Auto Transformer methods of starting. Powerboss is a soft-starter that pays for itself (as opposed to other soft starters that need to be paid for).

A customised fixed speed motor controller: By using additional functions in the Powerboss software you can perform additional tasks. ( E.g. The 'timer chip' will automactically swith the motor off when it has not been under load for a predetermined amount of time.)

A preventative maintenance measure: By taking much of the stress out of the starting and running cycle of the motor, Powerboss will inevitably reduce maintenance requirements on applications.

A sound investement: There are not many capital investments that give 100% return within 24 months or shorter.

A low-risk profit provider: Saved energy and reduced maintenance are pure profit. An investment in Powerboss is a much lower risk than an investment in a marketing or sales campaign. Powerboss offers guaranteed returns.